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Ultralight LED Hanging Carbon Rod
  • Ultralight, High-quality Carbon Fiber Rod


    Thanks to the state of the art carbon fiber production technology. The best material we have chosen making this camping light hanging pole coming to nearly no weight.


    No longer need to worry about the position of hanging lights at a high level. Maximize its light power means smaller LED you need and lighting up a wide area of ground.

    Ultralight LED Hanging Carbon Rod

    • Model no.: Ultralight Carbon Rod

      Material: Carbon Fiber Rod, 6061 Aluminium Alloy




      Height: 1320mm


      Packing size: 360 x 20 x 20mm


      Accessories (Optional):


      Titanium "V" Hook

      Size: 33x10cm (14g)


      Titanium "O" Hook

      Size: 26x9cm (12g)


      Assembly: Plugged

      Suitable for: Backpacking/Hiking/Camping

      Super lightweight Canbon Rod


    • Standard Set:

      - Carbon Rod (8mm) x4

      - Aluminum Hook x1

      - Titanium nail x1


      Accessories (Optional):

      - Titanium "V" Hook (for 8mm pole)

      - Titanium "H" Hook (for 8mm pole)

      - Aluminium Hook (for 8mm pole)

      - Snowline Convertor

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